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1About - A1 Sewing Machine Specialists

About - A1 Sewing Machine Specialists

The company is owned and operated by Ron Anderson, a repair specialist serving the sewing machine industry since 1978.

In 1993 Ron Started his own sewing machine repair company in Sand Lake NY. In 1997 we started a small one page web site as a sub domain in a regional online shopping mall. It soon became apparent there was a need for someone with Ron's expertise in parts and repairs on the internet. In 1998 we started to develop our own web site. It launched early in 1999. Today we are one of the few still helping people with their sewing machine repairs world wide.

We now provide a shopping cart to make it easy for those of you that know just what you need for your machines. We still do encourage you to ask us to do the research. There are many parts that look similar but are different. We have the resources to get you the correct part first time every time.

Ron has received certification as a sewing machine technician from the International Sewing Machine Association. In addition, he has over thirty published articles on repair procedures, and has assisted technicians from all parts of the United States and Canada with problems they could not solve alone.

Having years of hands-on experience, as well as training from many of the major manufacturers of home and industrial sewing equipment, he is well equipped to solve your sewing related problems.

Ron is committed to providing quality sewing machines, sewing machine parts and accessories with top shelf customer service at a great value.

"If it is supposed to sew and it doesn't, we can make it sew like new".

Hi, I am Ron Anderson,

I don't know all the answers, but I do know the people to ask when I don't know. Let me and my team help you with your sewing related troubles. You won't be disappointed.

**All emails answered promptly...most within the hour, all within 24 hours**


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