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Needle Plate Screw, Babylock, Brother, White X50487051


Needle Plate  Set Screw, Babylock, Brother, White  #X50487051

If you are not sure email me at with your make and model and I will assist you.

PRICE: $2.95
Product Information

Fits Babylock Sewing Machine Models:
B15, B17, B21, BL1556, BL2160, BL2100, BL2150, BL6000, BL6200, BL6300, BL6700, BL6800, BL9500, BLCC (Crafter's Choice), BLCC2 (Crafter's Choice), BLDC, BLMY (Melody), BLQC, BLG (Ellegante), BLG 2 (Ellegante 2), BLTP (Tempo), ESN, ESI, ESI2, EMI1, ESE, ESE2, ESG Ellageo, ESP (Espire), EM2 & INT (Intrigue).

Fits Bernina Sewing Machine Models:
CS6000, Deco 500 & Deco 600.

Fits Brother Sewing Machine Models:
CS8060, CS8100, CS8150, CS8200,Innovis 40 (NS40), LS1217, LS1520, LS2125, LS2720, LS2725, LS2820, LS2825, LS2920, NS30, NS40, NV30, NV4000D, NX200, NX400, NX600, PC2800, PC3000, PC5000, PC6000, PC6500, PC7000, PC7500, PC8000, PC8895, PC8200, PC8500, PE100, PE150, PE180D, PE200, PE300S, PE400D, PS1000, PS1250, PS1700, PS1750, PS1800, PS1900, PS1950, PS2100, PS2200, PS2300, PS2500, PX100, PX150, PX200, PX300, RS15, RS25, RS35, ULT2001, ULT2002, VX1100, VX1120, VX1125, VX1140, VX1200, XL2010, XL2015, XL2021, XL2022, XL2030, XL3010, XL3022, XL3025, XL3027, XL3030, XL3100, XL3200, XL4010, XL4020, XL4030, XL4040, XL4050, XL4060, XL5010, XL5011, XL5012, XL5020, XL5021, XL5022, XL5031, XL5032, XL5050, XL5030, XL5060, XL5070, XL5100, XL5130, XL5200, XL5232, XL5300, XL5340, XL5500, XL5600, XL5700, XL6040, XL6050, XL6060, XL6452, XL6552, XR23, XR29, XR31, XR33, XR34, XR35, XR37, XR40 & XR46.

Fits White Sewing Machine Models:

Alternative Part Numbers Include X50487001 & X50487021


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