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We encourage you to ask us for help if you are not sure which Light Bulb you need. Just Email us at ron@a1sewingmachine.com with your machine make and model and you will get a very fast answer


[LB716sm] Bulb, 15 Watt Small screw in base

Small (7/16") screw in base bulb, fits many makes

High quality bulb

plus shipping
Price: $5.95
[LBbay] Bulb, Frosted bayonet base

Push and turn 15 watt Bayonet (9/16") base Frosted LIght Bulb. The Frosted ones work best in most machines, Last longer.

High Quality Bulb

plus shipping
Price: $5.95
[4PCW] Bulb, Kenmore 15 Watt push in , short glass

Universal Sewing Machine Light Bulb ,15 Watt, Push & Turn In, 9/16" Base, Short Glass

Many Makes and modles, Very Popular Kenmore

plus shipping
Price: $5.95
[4117810-03] Light Bulb Viking 4117810-03

Light Bulb Viking #4117810-03

plus shipping
Price: $4.95
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