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We encourage you to ask us for help if you are not sure which Tension assembly you need. Just Email us at ron@a1sewingmachine.com with your machine make and model and you will get a very fast answer


[MO-30] Generic Tension, Fits Many Machines MO-30

Universal Tension 11/16" base Spring pulls up

plus shipping
Price: $14.95
[172820-656] Tension assembly, Singer 172820-656

Singer Tension assembly #172820-656

plus shipping
Price: $31.95
[422403-455] Tension Complete, Singer 422403-455

Replacement Tension Complete, Singer  #422403-455

plus shipping
Price: $14.95
[153564-451] Tension Singer 153564-451

Tension Singer  #153564-451

plus shipping
Price: $37.95
[HA-17] Tension Singer HA-17

Tension Singer #HA-17

plus shipping
Price: $8.95
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