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" W e   S o l v e   Y o u r   P r o b l e m s .     W e   S a v e   Y o u   M o n e y "

Leather Sewing Machines

We sell and service a large variety of leather sewing machines, Leather stitchers, harness and saddle stitching equipment. Leather sewing machines come in several classes of machine and not every one is suitable for all work. Generally they can be classified as light to medium Leather or Heavy Leather work. There are Cylinder bed and flat bed machines.

If you would like help with choosing the correct Leather sewing machine for your application give us a call at 518-674-8491 or send an email to ron@a1sewingmachine.com with our years of experience and at hand resources we can help find the best machine at the best price for your needs.

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