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[HZL-27Z] Juki HZL-27Z

Looking for a portable, full-featured sewing machine? Then this is the machine for you. The HZL-27Z packs large features into a small footprint. With 22 stitch patterns, including a buttonhole, you'll find that the HZL-27Z can handle just about any sewing task.

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Price: $199.00
[HZL-35Z] Juki HZL-35Z

Simple operations and easy to use functions. With 27 sewing patterns, including a 1-step automatic buttonhole, the HZL-35Z is the perfect sewing companion.

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Price: $319.00
[HZL-K65] Juki HZL-K65

 Fast, fun and so easy to love!

The HZL-K65 weighs in at just 15.6 lbs. Sews at speeds faster than many full size sewing machines.
And - because it’s a Juki, the K-65 sews smoothly, quietly with superior stitch quality!

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Price: $349.00
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