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Brother Sewing Machine Parts

We can supply parts for most models of Brother sewing machines and Sergers. We are working to get the most popular parts up on these pages. If you do not see what you need it does not mean we do not carry it just have not been able to get it on the site yet.  Please send us an email at ron@a1sewingmachine.com and you will get a very quick response with price and availability.


Bobbin Cases
Bobbin Winders
Bobbin Winder Rings
Buttonholers & Attachments
Lead Cords
Electric Components
Feed Dog
Feet for Serger Machines
Feet for Sewing Machines
Foot Controls
Hand Wheel (Clutch)
Hook Parts
Knives & Thread Cutters
Control Knob
Light Bulbs
Light Fixtures and Sockets
Machine Needles
Motor & Bracket
Motor Carbon Brush
Motor Pulley
Needle Clamp & Needle Bar
NeedleGuards & ThreadGuides
Needle Plates For Serger
Needle plates Sewing Machines
Needle Threader - Auto Type
Other Misc - Hardwares
Presser Bar Lifter
Screw Washer Parts
Spool Pin & Others
Crank Slide
Slide Plates
Take Up
Tension Complete