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Welcome to A1 Sewing Machine Specialists

A-1 Sewing Machine Repair Specialists is a sales and service company devoted exclusively to the sewing industry. We provide sewing machines, sewing machine parts, supplies and guidance to sewing customers worldwide. We use our extensive experience in residential, commercial and industrial sewing machine repair to help solve your sewing related problems. Contact us if you have sewing needs. We know what works!

Along with sewing machine parts and accessories, sewing machine manuals we also offer sewing machines for sale. The sewing machines featured on this site are ones we believe are an extraordinary value, but represent only a sampling of the machines we have available. If you don't see machines on this site that match your needs, contact us. There's a very good chance we'll be able to help you. We are not affiliated with any one manufacturer. Therefore, we can offer you an objective view of your situation, basing our suggestions on your stated needs and budget. Since we are familiar with virtually every model made - and its repair history, we will make sure you have the facts before you spend money. Whether for your home or business, if you are looking for a quality sewing machine, parts or accessories, email us at ron@a1sewingmachine.com.

Home Sewing Machines

Whether you need a basic sewing machine or one for quilting, Home decor and Dress making, to name a few, We can help.

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Industrial Sewing Machines

We provide a wide selection of commercial & industrial sewing machines, including Artisan, Juki, Reliable and The Leather Machine Co.

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Parts & Accessories

Our warehouses have over 60,000 parts in stock for immediate shipment for home & industrial machines, sergers and also antique & vintage sewing machines.

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